Saturday , September 23 2023
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State to end pandemic-related food benefits

CalFresh, the state’s largest provider of food to low-income residents, will soon end the extra emergency benefits it distributed during COVID-19.

During the last three years, Californians who were eligible for CalFresh aid received extra allotments to help them get through the pandemic, according to a statement on Riverside County’s website.

Since March 2020, more than 165,000 households in Riverside County have received an average of $192 in extra monthly food benefits from CalFresh, a federal program administered by the California Department of Social Services.

The last installment of the CalFresh emergency allotments is scheduled to go out on March 26.

“The extra benefits have been a great help in providing our customers with nutritious food throughout the pandemic and during the recovery,” said  Allison Gonzalez, assistant director of the county’s self-sufficiency program, in the statement.

Residents who are CalFresh-fresh eligible will continue to receive their regular monthly benefits, according to the statement.


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  1. They shouldn’t stop benefits people are hurting with high prices in everything, they should continue to help California

  2. We are still right back where we started with food prices going up and up we need that extra and more

  3. Our families still need those xtra foodstamps because the cost of food prices has skyrocketed idk wat my family will do or how we are going to survive I already am moving to down size on my rent

  4. Totally wrong on our so called Governments law so called disfunction politics they know who they are this is Congress bad decisions this country is going to flip yesFlip out what in the hells name your thinking about tho gods decision isn’t with you on this matter go back get the funding otherwise all hell is going to break loose get it your all bunch of uneducated people making child’less decisions grow up get it right the way ur suppose to do YOUR Job in the government’s offices ur suppose to command foward

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