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Harnessing Strengths

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When was the last time you sat across from someone, either trying to be hired or the one hiring, and had the question arise: “What is your biggest weakness?” Why would anyone ask that question? Most of the time you are going to get an answer that has been canned …

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Local private investigator specializes in workers compensation cases

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Jeff Stewart, founder of an Inland private investigation agency, has seen some strange cases during his 26 years on the job. One even involved mayonnaise. Meet Jeff Stewart, the man who helped solve The Great Mayonnaise Caper. Stewart, is chief executive officer of SIS Investigations in Rancho Cucamonga, which specializes …

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Don’t PARK in the Comfort Zone!

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“Minds, like bodies, will fall into a pimpled, ill-conditioned state from mere excess of comfort.” Charles Dickens Most of us have a thermostat that regulates the temperature in our house. The “comfort zone” is the range of temperature that is not too hot and not too cold; just comfortable. Your …

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Forecast Opportunities: The Crystal Ball of Business

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Having the ability to see or predict the future has always been one of those elusive thoughts most business owners have dreamed about at some point in their lives. What difficulties may lay ahead, the uncertainty of assured growth and profits, especially in the current economy, can bring fear, uncertainty …

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Financial Entertainer Damage Control

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The Great Recession lingers on and corporate scandals continue to unfold as increasing numbers of governments, big and small, teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. Unemployment keeps climbing and the deluge of negative news coming from the press has fostered a sense of public uncertainty. As a result, more people …

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How To Build Wealth: Financial Tips & Advice

Housing Prices Drop

When most people talk about retirement and how to build wealth, they have a common goal in mind: to put aside enough money to build a retirement nest egg in hopes of making their way into the Millionaire’s Club. For those of us who are not expecting a large inheritance, …

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