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Takano praises MoVal homeless programs

Rep. Mark Takano, D-Riverside, met with Moreno Valley Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez and a Salvation Army official about possibly expanding the city’s homeless services program.

Takano heard a presentation from Salvation Army Capt. David Cain about the city’s Homeless to Work program, which allows homeless people to work part-time beautifying Moreno Valley, according to a statement on the city’s website.

The trio also discussed the Rapid Rehousing Program, which moves homeless families into temporary quarters.

“I am thrilled to see Moreno Valley take the lead in reducing the homeless population in Riverside County,” Takano said in the statement. “Programs like Homeless to Work and Rapid Rehousing show that it’s possible to create homeless initiatives that center on the dignity of a job and a roof over your head.”

Both programs have helped Moreno Valley reduce its homeless population by 53 percent, according to the point-in-time homeless count conducted by Riverside County earlier this year.

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  1. I beg to differ. As a resident of Mo Val I can tell you that the homeless population seems to be growing especially North of the freeway in and around the corner of Ironwood and Heacock.

    Just last year there was a small encampment in the vacant lot at the corner of Heacock and Parkland that took about a month to clear.

    There are two males that frequently frequent the area of Sunnymead Ranch at the Shell station and the Dollar Tree…one of them in a wheelchair and the other who aggressively runs at people.

    All you have to do is park your car on Heacock…they sleep under the freeway overpass, hang out in the parking lot of the Liquor store. Sleep on the ground all along Ironwood from in front of the Liquor store there. I see no reduction if anything I am seeing more.

  2. I,was Homeless , for 8 months,due to an addiction. SALVATION army came threw the Grace of GOD, threw street Ministry and, Rescued me. I,was excepted into the Homeless program,And was blessed to live ,in a Beautiful 🥰❤️ home with a beautiful family. Please,give to this program, because it’s a Life,changing,Saving Ministry!! GOD ,BleSs SALVATION ARMY!!!

  3. Sounds good. The homeless thing they had going “Project Roomkey” is a joke. They put you up in a ghetto hotel room for a year plus then give you 60 days to find an apt.

  4. I wish you guys best of luck. I worked in programs that cleans up and helps homeless and almost of them said the same thing WE DONT WANT TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO, WHEN TO COME AND GO I hope your idea works, unlike Newsome who burned over$ 500,000 in our taxes, please don’t do that to us and learn from that fools mistake

  5. This is a great insentive for lack of motivation for many of the areas homeless. A great number choose not to go shelters because they do not want to follow anyone elses rules.

    With this type of program, they are required to invest their labor into a brighter future, with an open door of opportunity to end their homelesssnes.

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