Saturday , September 23 2023
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Temecula forms law enforcement team

Temecula has formed a law enforcement team that will deal primarily with quality-of-life issues.

CORE – Community, Outreach, Resource, and Engagement – is comprised of a sergeant, four deputies, and a community service officer, according to a statement on the city’s website.

All are members of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, which provides law enforcement in Temecula.

CORE works out of city hall and collaborates every day with fire, code enforcement, community services, and the city manager’s office, Mayor Zak Schwank said in the statement.

In addition to standard law enforcement, CORE investigates graffiti and vandalism, meets with the city manager to resolve neighborhood concerns and establishes relationships with Temecula residents and businesses.

It will enforce regulations regarding panhandling, massage parlors and loitering.

“Our plan is to incorporate policing strategies that may include specialized community policing teams like CORE, to ensure Temecula remains among the safest cities in the nation,” said Capt. Chris Durham, Temecula’s police chief, in the statement.

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  1. Very much like the POP Team operating throughout RC in the 90’s. Multi-agency collaboration was extraordinarily effective. Thank you Temecula!

  2. Maybe they will enforce the double parking of delivery trucks parked at 4 way stops. Making it a dangerous situation. As in tell the delivery drivers not to double park at a 4 way stop sign specifically on Main street by the Bank restaurant.

  3. Community outreach? Enforce panhandling and loitering laws? Translation: the Harrass the Homeless Squad.

    • It sounds positive to me! Parents like to have people visit here. It’s our core is Old town! It’s our face if you will besides wineries etc… my kids are afraid sometimes as they see people walking up asking for money. Its not LA but it’s kinda getting to be an issue.

  4. Forgot removing the homeless to keep up that stellar image . I mean 4 officers for graffiti?

  5. Old town is getting compromised and scary for kids to walk along blvd.

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