You’re Wasting 15% Of Your Life

By on April 4, 2019

By Tim Kolacz

Did you know that you are wasting 15% of your life? And what’s worse, you can immediately get it back. It’s easy. Very easy. I’ll show you how. Next Monday, when you wake up….be happy.

You woke up. You know how many people went to bed last night and didn’t wake up? More than you want to know.

What’s amazing to me is the sheer number of people who hate Mondays. What’s wrong with Monday? What did Monday ever do to you? Want to know what Monday did to me this past week? Cause it was rad. I drove out to Culver City from Fullerton for a 9:30 meeting to meet some very cool people. One was an employment law attorney, Sharlene Lee and the other was the head of growth for an Accounting As A Service company, Gavin Block. During my 75 minute drive over, I listen to some Kevin and Bean radio, some Halsey radio on my LTE connected car, and the play list on Spotify from the Panic! At The Disco concert from two weeks ago.

Then Sharlene, Gavin, and I had an awesome meeting getting to know each other and how we do what we do. I never knew about Gavin’s company and how he works with companies in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, and the soon to be hotbed of Silex Boston. Gavin is out crushing it every day and he is helping his clients expand from the seed money origins to their Series A funding. Learning about this incredibly fast growing sector was something I didn’t know existed and he’s been doing it for years. Sharlene also is deeply embedded in this space as she is negotiating contracts with both soon to be, and soon to be former, employees.

After breakfast, I had a meeting with Toni Long, an amazing entertainment attorney who got sick of working for someone else, started her own firm and is killing it on a daily basis. It’s the second time I’ve met with Toni as I reached out to her so I could, selfishly, suck up some of her mojo and translate her energy into my daily life. This meeting was excellent, and we had some killer food at a local joint right on Colorado Blvd.

So here it is, 1:30 in the afternoon, I’ve met with three very cool people, had my mind blown by the different things they do, in a space that is totally new to me. I then get to take this knowledge to my clientele and see how I can incorporate not what the people do, but also these people, into my clients.

So now here it is, Thursday morning and I have already mentioned each of these people at least once to someone else this week. And someone asked me, how in the heck did I meet these people.

Easy, I like Mondays.

Tim Kolacz

Tim likes to get up and get after it every day. Hang out with him, he’s an alright guy.