Tuesday , September 26 2023

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What Do We Get?

By Ed Hoffman If you listened to leading voices on the left last week, you may be inclined to believe that our country’s nuclear deal with Iran is “an important step” (as Hillary Clinton called it) or “a step in the right direction” (as Martin O’Malley said). What is it …

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When Cities Defy the Law

By Ed Hoffman Last week, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was tragically, senselessly murdered by an illegal immigrant while taking a walk with her father in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Americans being murdered by criminal aliens is not exactly a rare occurrence – more than 120 illegals have been charged with homicide-related crimes …

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What’s Really Important

By Ed Hoffman After last week’s Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage being constitutional in all 50 states, the White House was bathed in rainbow lighting for an evening. Naturally, President Obama spoke up because he only comments on things that are important to him, his uninformed base, and the …

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Coverage and Healthcare Are Not the Same

By Ed Hoffman Since it was overshadowed by the gay marriage decision made last Friday, let’s take some time to address the Supreme Court’s opinion on King vs. Burrell, a key challenge to Obamacare. The court’s decision upholds Affordable Care Act tax credits for people living in the 34 states …

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Learning from Democrats

By Ed Hoffman What are people on the political left much better at doing than people on the ideological right? Sticking together, no matter what. The people with microphones in the Democrat party (and I’m talking about everyone from elected officials, to academics, to their unapologetic shills in the media) …

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Celebrating Real Heroes this Summer

By Ed Hoffman As we all debate the merits of a Donald Trump presidential run (which I’m on board with, by the way) and Rachel Dolezal’s “transracialism” (which I find ridiculous, and I hope you do too), I want to provide a diversion that’s suitable for lots of upcoming occasions …

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