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Pay to Play Allegations in San Bernardino?

The City of San Bernardino completed a raucous election in November, culminating in a dramatic changeover at City Hall to include newly elected Mayor John Valdivia and two new council members. During the election, accusations from former Mayor Carey Davis’ supporters flew generously against Valdivia.  The attempts were so desperate …

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Just Acknowledge It

By Ed Hoffman Jumping to conclusions is something that leaders on the left refuse to do when it comes to terror. Case in point: This weekend’s bombings in New York City and New Jersey were committed by the same individual, Ahmad Rahami. Rahami is a 28-year-old naturalized citizen who is …

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The Right to Raise Questions

By Ed Hoffman If you listened to my radio show last week, you heard me ask questions about Hillary Clinton’s physical health. Now keep in mind, the show was recorded on Friday, September 9 – two days before Clinton’s much-publicized fainting incident during the 9/11 memorial event on Sunday (which …

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Let’s Talk Business

By Ed Hoffman My readers and listeners are accustomed to me talking politics – but for the week of Labor Day, let’s talk business instead. Don’t worry, there’s still a political tie-in! With a stock market correction looming, many Americans are looking for a more stable place to park their …

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There’s No Flip-Flop Here

By Ed Hoffman This week, everyone is still talking about Donald Trump’s supposed flip-flop on illegal immigration as if it’s the worst offense a presidential candidate could possibly commit. But my feeling is that there was no flip-flop at all. Let’s examine what his most noteworthy (and largely mischaracterized) statements …

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Does Anybody Care?

By Ed Hoffman I have a really hard time believing that people don’t care about what a corrupt leader Hillary Clinton has been over the course of her career, but that’s the message coming through in nationwide polls right now. It has me asking, “What do people care about?” I can’t believe …

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