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Death by Regulation

New Regulations hit San Bernardino Businesses.001

According to a story in the San Bernardino Sun, “Jorge Jr. jumped at the chance to work with his father…but the ports enacted a Clean Trucks program in 2008…That move pushed the cost of buying a truck from $5,000 – $15,000 to …$100,000 for port compliant trucks…” and there nearly …

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In Memory of E.Z.

Inland Empire to Lose EZ Tax Credits.001

The headline on IE Business Daily read “Enterprise Zone Holds One Last Workshop.” With this headline we are reminded that the one egalitarian economic incentive program for businesses in the State of California will die shortly. The program was put on death watch by Governor Jerry Brown and its suicide …

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Use Your Time Wisely

Inland Empire Opinion.001

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been introduced to, worked with and been counseled by Ruben Estrada. Almost one year ago to the day, Ruben left us after a long and tough battle with cancer. Ruben was incredibly stoic, strong and positive (at least when I was with him) …

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A reason for hope

Even in seemingly the worst of times, there is reason for hope and Cliff Cummings is providing some of that in San Bernardino. Last week Mr. Cummings did something historic for one of the world’s most successful companies and one of America’s struggling cities.  On the same day that he was celebrating the …

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Automation Nation

Inland Empire Business Daily Construction News.001

The continued pressure on businesses in California emanating from Sacramento will have disastrous effects on our economy and will particularly hurt the least educated and most vulnerable in our society.  This will have the effect of causing more unemployment and more stress on our social services and result in the …

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Why This Website Matters

New Business Website hits Inland Empire.001

The Inland Empire is the Rodney Dangerfield area of Southern California.  “We can’t get no respect.”  In fact, our coastal cousins think so little of us that a Facebook page was recently created in Orange County called “Go Home 909ers.”  The page was in reaction to a riot that broke …

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