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Could a conspiracy be percolating?

Inland Empire News for March 1-3.001

Ed Hoffman In discussing current events the goal is to offer clarity, pinpoint what you should keep an eye on and to stimulate your thinking. This week we’ll explore whether there is some conspiracy brewing once we piece the following situations together and look at the bigger picture. Rancher Clive …

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Global warmism is settled science?

Inland Empire News for April 2.001

Global warmism is settled science – oh I am sorry – climate whatever – and we are debating whether or not the California business climate sucks? Did anybody in Sacramento or in the liberal media notice the huge economic glacier that just broke off the quickly melting economic glacier known …

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Stop using the racist card, take accountability!

Ed Hoffman.001

By Ed Hoffman Racism, racism, racism. There were many stories in the media last week where people were throwing out the race card. If people question one’s leadership, then the person questioning must be a racist. If you don’t have the answers to questions people pose to you then I …

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Land Rights

Inland Empire Business News 01-14-14.001

In what is a hopeful sign for the Inland Empire economy, land brokers and developers are starting to move forward with plans to develop in multiple cities around the region. I know this because my public relations firm, Desmond & Louis, which has overseen many local project-advocacy campaigns over the …

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I (HEART) Income Inequality

Inland Empire News for April 2.002

Income Inequality – the idea that some people make a lot more than others has the liberals all “wee weed up” to quote that sage of language Sarah Palin. It is somehow mystifying and wrong to the liberal psyche that some people have billions while others – don’t. Some people …

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Water Continues To Be An Issue In California

Inland Empire News from IE Biz Hub.003

With the first of the Sierra snowpack surveys under our belt, the results are alarming. The surveyors found mostly bare ground, and manual and electronic readings showed the water content in the statewide snowpack at just 20 percent of average for this time of year. If things don’t change, the …

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