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Controversy vs. Corruption

By Ed Hoffman The day after Judicial Watch released emails revealing a boatload of Clinton Foundation and State Department improprieties on Hillary Clinton’s watch, Donald Trump stepped in it by calling President Obama the founder of ISIS. Should he have done it? Probably not; it took the attention off of …

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An Exercise in Deception

By Ed Hoffman Over one week after Hillary Clinton’s interview on Fox News Sunday, people are still talking about it and analyzing her answers. I suppose it’s because they realize the interview exposes her habitual lying about matters of great importance – and, perhaps it’s because they’re legitimately bewildered that …

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Oh, to be a kid again in summer

By Ed Hoffman Let’s face it – whether it was 50 years ago, or 20, or even today – being a kid in summertime meant innocence.  Yeah, maybe we had to help out on the farm with chores like feeding the chickens or picking peaches. Twenty years ago maybe summertime …

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The DNC: Corruption and Charades

By Ed Hoffman If you watched the coverage of the Republican National Convention last week, then you heard about all the problems Republicans supposedly have with unity and leadership. This week, it’s the Democrats’ turn – and clearly, that party has plenty of its ownproblems. The Democratic National Committee chair, Debbie …

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Recapping the RNC

By Ed Hoffman As I tell my radio listeners week after week, paying attention to politics is critical. Hopefully, you’re just as plugged into the conventions as I am – but if not, here’s a quick recap of the Republican National Convention this week. Monday night, Rudy Giuliani reminded us …

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Restoring Common Sense

You’d never know it thanks to the media refusing to turn its attention away from protests against police officers but believe it or not, there are other things going on this week. First, the congressional hearings on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are still in process. That’s right, it didn’t end with FBI …

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