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Direct To Garment Printing Can Increase Profitability

Direct To Garment Printing

Direct To Garment Printing Can Eliminate The Hidden Cost of Saying No to Short Run Screen Print Jobs In screen printing, there are many pitfalls that can affect your bottom line.  Some are obvious like not generating enough sales or having negative cash flow.  Others are more subtle like employees taking …

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Growing Your Business Through Acquisition

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When it comes to developing an exit plan and advance planning to sell a business, many small and mid size business owners think only of increased sales and profits in terms of improving their existing business and fail to consider the benefits of growing their business through acquisition. Growing an …

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A Piece of the Puzzle

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Ever put together a jigsaw puzzle? Have you tried your jigsaw puzzles without using the picture on the lid? Why does it make it easier when we use the picture on the lid? Because, we can see where we’re going. We can see what’s possible. What a powerful and useful …

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Will Taxes Be Higher or Lower in the Future – Tax Deduction Myth

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Hello this is Kraig Strom, with, and another financial discussion from the road. Maybe appropriate as you think about your financial journey, a journey towards your retirement. Here’s a question for you, a question that comes up several times each week. Do you believe that taxes will be higher …

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Business Advice Q&A

Q. What is a trade term? A. A trade term is a transportation term describing the manner of transportation or delivery and the party responsible for arranging and/or paying for the transportation. A trade term also indicates whether the contract price for goods includes the cost of the transportation and insurance on …

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How Does Your Company Stack Up?

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Most business owners are always looking for ways to improve their business. However, in many cases it is hard to know where the greatest opportunity for improvement exists unless you benchmark your company against competitors and other companies in your industry. Without benchmarking there is a real risk of letting …

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