Tuesday , October 26 2021

Business Advice

Inland Empire Business Financing and the Feasibility Analysis

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA The Loan Doctor™ Most of my CEO clients are seeking business financing to fund sales growth. The challenge in attracting expansion capital is that a CEO must convince lenders that the P&L projections they submit as part of their loan application are “doable” and not …

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Achieving Business Health with Loan Doctor Tips and Business Loans

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA The Loan Doctor™ As the self-proclaimed Loan Doctor, I have found that all of my CEO clients want the same thing- a healthy company.  For each CEO “health” may be defined in different ways but normally it is defined as a stable business that generates …

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Realistic (Tradeshow) Expectations

By Tim Kolacz Last week I exhibited at the SHOT Show in Vegas. The show was gigantic, 65,000 people were there as attendees, and there was an electricity in the air. Booths were humming with people and moving parts. Exhibitors were greeting people and showing off their latest wares. And …

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