Tuesday , October 26 2021

Business Advice

Think Strategically- Finance Your Business Growth with Your Own Money!

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA the Loan Doctor™ Most companies can be categorized as either “pre-revenue”, young startup, young operating with excellent growth potential, mature, or old and in decline.  I like to work with the young operating with growth potential segment, as this group is aggressive and they see …

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Business Loan Hunting … You Want to Win or You Want To Lose?

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA the Loan Doctor™ The Loan Doctor has a pleasant bedside manner and likes to dispense business health tips. So hang on. Everybody knows to be a healthy company CEOs need sufficient capital, be it their own (equity) or somebody else’s, (debt).  Most CEOs after initially …

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Time Value of Employees

By Tim Kolacz I’m in a couple of meetings yesterday and two stats jump out at me due to their similarities, from two people in completely different industries. The stats were this, 80% of all employees are open to a new opportunity and 60-65% of people will listen to a …

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Inland Empire Business Loans–Understanding the Interest Rate Game–

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA the Loan Doctor™ I occupy a narrow lane in the business consulting arena. Our three step program consists of: Pre-Loan ConsultingWriting of a Business Finance Plan Loan Placements In all cases my clients will ask me at the beginning of the consulting gig, “Hey Loan …

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