Wednesday , May 29 2024
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The Covid Workplace

By Tim Kolacz MANDATE, motivate, educate You’ve worked hard to create your company and 2020 beat you up. But you’re an entrepreneur, you’re used to getting beat up daily, dirt flying, grease on your face. Just to wake up tomorrow to do it again after a hot shower and solid …

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Proper Financial Planning: Critical for Women

By Phillip A. Naman A key goal of investing for retirement is making sure you save enough to make your money last throughout your lifetime. On this score, women may need to save more than men. The current life expectancy of a female at birth is roughly 81.1 years, compared …

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Recognizing and Avoiding Online Scams

By Phillip A. Naman According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the annual number of records exposed rose 126% in 2018, even while the annual number of data breaches fell by 23%. The business sector experienced 46% of the data breaches in 2018, followed by the medical and health care …

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The Crooks Are Not Staying At Home

By Tim Kolacz As the world works inside of the new walls surrounding us in the global pandemic that is Covid-19, we may think that we are safe from the crooks, cybercriminals, and other bad actors that normally plague our society. This is not true. They are out and even …

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Take The Day Off

By Tim Kolacz In the world that our children currently live in, 100% connected with their phone no more than one inch away, unless it is totally dead and their charging cord is broken so they need to use the one on the junk table; the pressures of modern life …

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