Tuesday , October 26 2021

Business Advice

Take The Day Off

By Tim Kolacz In the world that our children currently live in, 100% connected with their phone no more than one inch away, unless it is totally dead and their charging cord is broken so they need to use the one on the junk table; the pressures of modern life …

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Inland Empire Business Loans, the Unsung Hero, “Asset Based AR Lines of Credit”

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA the Loan Doctor™ One of the key tenets of my consulting business model is “one loan type does not fit all”. That is to say that you can’t use the same type of loan for all business purposes as each business is unique in terms …

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International Growth Strategies/Financing Options

By Eugene E. Valdez AKA the Loan Doctor™ Many companies choose to achieve growth by competing in an international foot print.  A few of the reasons are domestic market sales have flattened out, achieving lower production costs by outsourcing, managing risks, learning the demographics of foreign customers and matching or …

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