Sunday , August 14 2022
UofR Giving Day declared a success

Coachella to provide pandemic assistance

Coachella will provide financial assistance to low-income immigrant families who did not receive help from the U.S government during the pandemic.

The Immigrant Families Recovery Program will be managed by the Mission Asset Fund, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, and is expected to begin in October, according to a statement on the city’s website.

About 140 Coachella families are eligible for assistance. Funding will come from the American Rescue Plan Act, a COVID-19 recovery program approved last year.

Families may receive up to $400 a month for 24 months.

“We want to help our families who were excluded from federal assistance when jobs and financial stability were compromised during the height of the pandemic,” Mayor Steven Hernandez said in the statement. “Our goal through this program is to give those families a financial underpinning and empowerment so they too can begin rebuilding productive lives.”

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