Saturday , September 23 2023
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Cryer named a top employee by Omnitrans

Jonathan Cryer has been named an employee of the quarter by Omnitrans.

A coach operator, Cryer has worked for San Bernardino County’s largest transit agency for three years, according to a statement on Omnitrans’ website.

Cryer, who once drove for the Foothill Transit Zone, was recognized for going beyond his regular job duties, including driving his coach to multiple city council meetings when Omnitrans displayed its first zero-emission bus.

He also participated in a video recently designed  to introduce Inland youth to careers in American infrastructure, in which he spoke about his job on camera.

Getting to demonstrate the zero emission bus has been the high-point of his time with Omnitrans, according to Cryer.

“I enjoyed showing the different features to people and loved being able to connect with people, talk with them and find out where they’re coming from,” Cryer said in the statement.


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