Tuesday , September 26 2023
Arrests made in alleged $4.2 million hospice scam

SB County sued over foster childcare

San Bernardino County is being sued for alleged mistreatment of foster children.

The lawsuit, filed May 25 in U.S. District Court in Riverside, claims workers are handling too many cases to be able to help all of the children who have been placed in their care, according to multiple reports.

The California Department of Social Services and Kim Johnson, its director, were named in the suit. Also named were Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Bernardino County, the county board of supervisors, the Department of Children and Family Services, and that department’s director Jeany Zepeda.

County officials were reviewing the lawsuit Thursday and declined to comment, the reports stated.



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  1. Tracey Ellen Burnett

    My children were abused in foster care, these social workers have so much on their plate they just do not care where they place a child. One worker I had had cancer and helped me get my daughter hone where she belonged she said sjebwas trying to make amends before she died because of all the wrong she did as a social worker. How can people live with themsrlves, throwing these broken children into a home that smashes them inside of trying to mend them, the will never be brand new again but after foster care most of the homes, they are definittly unrepairable. The abuse my kids endured was worse that Ive ever done to them and I was told the reason that I lost them was because of my ignioance of the law. Shame on you i pray you get yr deserved, God will judge you trust that!!

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