Saturday , September 24 2022

SB County website addresses short-term rentals

San Bernardino County’s code enforcement department has set up a website that establishes the county’s regulations on short-term rentals.

The site,, spells out the requirements for operating a short-term rental, tells where they’re operating, and accepts complaints regarding their operation.

“Due to the popularity of the short-term rental program, we wanted to give residents, visitors, and hosts a comprehensive resource where they can find everything in one place,” said Board Chairman Curt Hagman in a statement. “This includes how to be a good neighbor (tenant) and how to be a good host (owner).”

Short-term rentals have become an important part of the county’s economy, must not be allowed to disrupt neighborhoods, Supervisor Janice Rutherford said.

“Tourism is the bread and butter of many mountain businesses, and short-term rentals play a vital role in bringing tourists to our mountains,” Rutherford said. “The new website helps strike that balance by providing information and resources for renters, rental owners, and residents as well.”

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