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What “Standing with Brussels” Should Mean

By Ed Hoffman If you watched the news over the weekend, you may have noticed that the anti-terror demonstrators in Belgium were called “right wingers” by the media. Today, reports from major outlets such as the UK Daily Mail are amping up rhetoric by saying that peaceful weekend marches were …

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Obama’s Brussels Reaction: The Missing Pieces

By Ed Hoffman When the President responded to the terror attack in Belgium this week, there were more than a few pieces missing from his reaction. Here are just a few that I noticed. A deviation from the norm. The President disappointed many people when he used his press conference Wednesday …

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It Just Got Worse

By Ed Hoffman Just when you thought the attacks on Donald Trump couldn’t get worse, they have. It started Friday morning, when Black Lives Matter and other organized protestors at his St. Louis rally trampled on the American flag and carried signs like “F— the police” (you know, the type …

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Remembering a First Lady

By Ed Hoffman “What do you say about someone who gives your life meaning? What do you say about someone who’s always there with support and understanding, someone who makes sacrifices so that your life will be easier and more successful? Well, what you say is that you love that …

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Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

By Ed Hoffman By the time you read this, Super Tuesday will be over and the Republicans will have a presumptive nominee. And he just might be Donald Trump. Some of you have been ready to vote for Donald Trump since the very moment he entered the race. I wasn’t. …

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Gitmo Closing: So this is “Who We Are”

By Ed Hoffman With Obama’s announcement that he is making good on his promise to close Guantanamo Bay because detaining terrorists is not “who we are,” I am now fully convinced this President has no idea how real Americans think. True, he has been promising to close our Cuban-based prison …

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