Tuesday , September 26 2023

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More Gun Control Won’t Work

By Ed Hoffman Supposedly as a New Year’s resolution, President Obama announced he would unveil an executive action on gun control this week. For those who are unaware, executive actions are laws executed by the President to fulfill his personal agenda (that might be hyperbole but in Obama’s case, it’s …

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Hopes for the New Year

By Ed Hoffman What are your hopes for 2016? Not personal New Year’s resolutions, but hopes for our nation? Here are a few of mine; maybe they will inspire you to make your own list. More civil discourse. We hear that term bandied about quite a bit, but never in its …

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Where the Candidates Stand Now

By Ed Hoffman Now that the final debate of 2015 has taken place, it’s time to narrow our focus when it comes to the candidates we support. Just like many of you, I had a pretty broad list of contenders on my personal list; I wavered back and forth a …

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When it Comes to Terror, Take the Blinders Off

By Ed Hoffman Now that the Inland Empire is the site of the worst domestic terror attack since 9/11 – that’s not my estimation, that’s the actual FBI characterization – perhaps we can stop pretending. Maybe now, people can stop saying that every Muslim extremist who straps on a suicide …

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Doing Your Own Research

By Ed Hoffman If you watch the weekend news coverage of the election – specifically, the Sunday politics shows – then you already know that the front-running Republican candidates are being accused of “bending the truth” to fit their narratives. It would be great if Republican voters like me didn’t …

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A Thanksgiving History Lesson

By Ed Hoffman I realize there are plenty of accounts out there about the “real” story of Thanksgiving, but I have one more to share with you – and it’s an important one. I have to give well-known libertarian John Stossel credit for the facts, but it’s written in my …

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