Saturday , September 24 2022
UCR ranked among top universities

UCR ranks high in economic mobility

UC Riverside has been ranked among the top U.S. universities for economic mobility by a non-profit think tank.

The university was ranked 18th in economic mobility recently by Third Way, which was trying to measure how much universities spur the economy according to a statement on the school’s website.

This is the first time Third Way has published the Economic Mobility Index. It tries to answer the question “If the primary purpose of postsecondary education is supposed to be to catalyze an increase in economic mobility, which schools are succeeding in that goal,” according to Senior Fellow Michael Itzkowitz.

The index examines which schools enroll the highest proportion of students from low and moderate income backgrounds and then gives them the strongest return on their investment. It also take into account student taking Pell Grants
Third Way also created a price-to-earnings metric that breaks down how long it takes students to recover the cost of their education.

No other undergraduate campus in California made the list, according to the statement.

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