Tuesday , May 28 2024
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The Brave New World of PR

Lou Desmond

By Lou Desmond The race for the White House was won by Donald Trump by savvy use of all of the tools the world of public relations has to offer.   If you are in business, any business, they are tools you can and should also be using. By the way — …

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How to Avoid an Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Craig Dart

But if you can’t, how to get through one  By Craig Dart Does your plan need to be audited? Large employee benefit plans (generally defined as plans with greater than 100 participants) and some small plans are required to be audited annually and attach an independent auditors report to the …

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When Selling A Business: Asset Sale or Stock Sale

The Value of Inventory Management

By Edward L. Fixen One of the many complicated issues that business owners must face when it comes time to sell their business is whether the deal should be structured as a stock sale or as an asset sale.  This decision will be driven by tax-related considerations and factors related …

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Keeping you covered

Tim Kolacz

By Tim Kolacz When you are covering the property for your business, there are several items to review. The first is your inventory in each of your locations. The next is your other property like computers, tables desks and such. Finally you need to review how the property is covered …

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Lower Your Borrowing Costs By Improving Your Company’s Risk Profile

Eugene E. Valdez

By Eugene E. Valdez Background As the founder and president of The CEO Teachers my firm performs many business finance services on behalf of CEOs located in the Inland Empire. Our most popular client service can be reduced to three simple bullet items: Creation of loan strategies uniquely designed to …

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John Tulac

In this installment, I will examine several long-term trends in China that will offer significant opportunities for U.S. companies.  The first two relate to returning production to nearby countries or the United States.  The rest relate to opportunities to sell to China. First, American companies dependent upon China for production …

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