Saturday , June 25 2022

Business Advice

Move forward

Tim Kolacz

By Tim Kolacz As you drive towards the end of the year and you look at what you have accomplished in the past eleven months, what stands out to you. Is it the success you had? Is it the thing you completely and totally screwed up? Is it the success …

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Increasing the Value of Your Business

The Value of Inventory Management

By Edward L. Fixen As business owners we spend considerable time trying to increase sales and reduce expenses.  While these are critical to the profitability and value of any business, they are by no means the only factors that are instrumental to increasing the value of a business.  Anything that …

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John Tulac

By John Tulac In this installment, I will identify several significant actions being taken by the Chinese government and how these impact U.S. businesses. Certain actions, trends or developments, could negatively impact any business dependent on China for any part of its supply chain. In the past year, China has …

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Save Money by Annually Evaluating Your Bank Lending Program

Eugene E. Valdez

By Eugene E. Valdez Business owners of the Inland Empire are all trying to manage their companies strategically in the face of a highly competitive marketplace. CEOs are constantly “tweaking” their business models in an effort to increase branding, increase revenues, reduce expenses, increase profits and increase market share at …

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