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Business Retirement Plan Options

By Ralph Quintana Retirement plan contributions made for yourself and your workers are generally tax deductible as a business expense. A Retirement plan may help you shelter more of your income from taxes to build wealth in addition to your business. 401(k) plan. Owners can often make larger contributions for …

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The Business Model: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Eugene E. Valdez

By Eugene E. Valdez In my walk as a business consultant, coach and trainer my business model is based on a niche strategy. There are millions of business coaches and consultants in this country who with regards to their business clients employ the strategy of trying to be “all things …

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Cyber Liability – Second in a series

Tim Kolacz

By Tim Kolacz In my last article, we discussed how Cyber Security is at the forefront of people’s minds lately. From big corporations to your own personal security, hackers are trying to get all of your information. Yahoo! was attacked and over 500 million emails were compromised; Target was attacked …

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Business: the five key departments (gears)

By Mark Maes Success for a business owner can be difficult to achieve. Many business owners don’t fully understand the complexity, opportunity, and responsibility that exists in business. They didn’t envision being business owners or corporate leaders. They started off simply being good at their craft, or being passionate about …

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Cyber Liability – Part One in a series

By Tim Kolacz Cyber Liability is all the rage right now. And it should be. Cloud storage, personal storage, firewalls and 256-bit encryption are all terms that you, not just the CIO, should be familiar with. Most importantly, because you probably are the CIO and don’t even know it! There …

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In Transition…feeling frustrated?

Business Advice Inland Empire Business News

By Steve Kim If you are experiencing a transition in your business or personal life, then answering the following questions can serve as a useful starting point: Based on my current understanding, · What chapter has ended? Am I accepting of that? · What do I have to let go …

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