Saturday , September 24 2022

Business Advice

Desperate for Flood Relief    

Tim Kolacz

By Tim Kolacz In the past few months, we have noticed clients getting letters in the mail from FEMA asking that their building be inspected and given a Flood Elevation Certificate. These Certificates are done by a licensed inspector who comes out and determines the elevation of the building in …

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How much should I save for retirement?

By Ralph Quintana Many Americans realize the importance of saving for retirement. Knowing exactly how much they need to save is another issue altogether. A rule of thumb is that retirees will need approximately 80% of their pre-retirement salaries to maintain their lifestyles in retirement. The amount you will need …

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Why Your Employee Benefit Plan Audit is Not a Necessary Evil

Craig Dart

By Craig Dart Does Your Plan Need to be Audited? Large employee benefit plans are required to be audited annually and attach an independent auditors report to the filing of the plan’s tax return; also known as the Form 5500. Selecting a Qualified Auditor In 2015, the Department of Labor …

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John Tulac

By John W. Tulac Willie Sutton was a notorious bank robber during the Great Depression.  He was finally caught. As he was being marched off to jail, a reporter yelled out, “Hey Willie, why did you rob all those banks?” Willie replied, “That’s where the money is.” We don’t really …

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Business Retirement Plan Options

By Ralph Quintana Retirement plan contributions made for yourself and your workers are generally tax deductible as a business expense. A Retirement plan may help you shelter more of your income from taxes to build wealth in addition to your business. 401(k) plan. Owners can often make larger contributions for …

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